Banding together

Banding together not only stands for the banding and bundling of products but also for the way in which we cooperate with our customers and distributors.

Bandalling textile

Reaching the right banding solution together

The customer's wishes are leading. It is from this starting point that advice and consultation begins. Aiming for the best solution. Resulting in stand-alone solutions and fully automatic systems which can be fully integrated into your production line. And supported by all the technical support to be expected from a professional company.

Your product or brand is central

It is precisely this way of working which has made Bandall what we are today; a world market leader in the field of bundling and banding solutions. It is not our machinery, but the success of your products and brands which is central to this. Where necessary we innovate in a very focused manner, we can also work together with other parties to arrive at the most effective banding method. We justifiably call this; Banding Together!

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Bandall & Sustainable business practices

On many fronts, banding solutions by Bandall contribute to a reduction of packaging materials and stimulate environmental savings.



Many new banding solutions arise from consultations with us. Regularly leading to both new standard and bespoke solutions. With consistently positive results.