The benefits of Bandall banding and banding technology are spreading across all of industry.

Branding, creating promotional packaging, Shelf ready and retail ready packaging and damage-free banding with Bandall

Bandall banding systems, the binding factor

Banding is often the most attractive form of packaging. Both in practical use and from an economic point of view. A wide range of banding techniques enables a vast diversity of applications, with opportunities in the food industry, graphics and pharmaceutical industries and also of course the packaging industry. And Bandall is also found in many other sectors. For example the bundling of metal products or components for the electronics or automotive industries. As a matter of fact, banding is also a kind of linerless labeling.

There is a band for every sector

The graphics industry was the first to use Bandall banding machines, for the bundling of plano labels, banknotes, brochures and books (post press print finish). Then followed the pharmaceutical industry and the food industry. Nowadays there is no conceivable industry in which Bandall banding does not take place. The applications have found their way into the textiles, tobacco and EPS sectors. But also think of contract packers. Equipment is configured as stand-alone, semi automatic and fully automatic. Where required they are fully integrated into your packaging line. There are more opportunities than you may think. Bandall are happy to work with you to convert these opportunities into successes!

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Value Added Banding, Damage-free Food Packaging, Green Packaging. IML and lables bundelen

Damage-free bundling

With banding you can bundle all sorts of products in various sectors without fear of damage. This could be for example bundled promotional packaging, stacks of brochures or luxury cartons for perfume. Or currency notes, tax labels and in mould labels!
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Branding with bio banding material

Branding by Banding

A product with an exciting and well-positioned band increases in-store visibility considerably. Branding by Banding is a concept of Bandall and Specialist Printer Max Aarts B.V.:
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Promotional packs with paper bands or film bands

Promotional packaging

With the same ease we bundle two, four, six or more cans of fish together, or a bundle of packs of ham, soup or chocolate bars.
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Shelf Ready Packaging

Shelf Ready Packaging simplifies the packaging of boxes and the filling of shelves. Moreover, you replace full outer boxes with open trays.
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Bandall stand alone Banding machine

Banding machines stand alone

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Bandall Fully Automatic Banding Machine

Fully Automatic Banding Machines

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