Damage-free bundling

With banding you can bundle all sorts of products in various sectors without fear of damage. This might be bundled promotional packaging, stacks of brochures or luxury cartons for perfume for example. Or currency notes, tax labels and in mould labels!

Damage-free bundling and banding

The banding method is always suitable, bundles as firmly or as loosely as you wish. And last but not least; always damage-free. The patented system of the Bandall banding machine guarantees careful and stable bundling. The ideal post press print finishing method!

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The benefits at a glance

  • Guaranteed damage-free bundling
  • Low packaging costs due to wafer thin band
  • Environmentally friendly banding and bundling due to very thin, recyclable bands (green packaging)
  • Quick and effective
  • Easy to remove bands by end user
  • Efficient