Banding fruit and vegetables

Fruit and vegetables can be packaged in various ways. Sometimes multiple types of packaging material are used, such as plastic bags, labels, elastic bands, etc., making recycling more complicated. At the same time the need remains to furnish these products with branding and product information. Bandall banding offers an excellent solution while reducing packaging material and packaging waste as well as simplifying recycling. In addition to bundling banding can serve as an information carrier. Please find below more about banding and banding materials, including our bio range.

Banding fruit and vegetables

Branding by Banding – Design meets sustainability

Banding offers a unique way to perfect your product’s finished appearance using the minimum of materials. A band provides sufficient space to print corporate logos, brand promises and image enhancing pictures and text.

Consider including nutritional values, ingredients and country of origin details while your product remains perfectly visible. Printing up to 10 colours, either single sided or double sided, a wide choice of papers and mono and laminated films, such as MC, Kraft, BOPP, OPP, PE and PLA. All can be applied with a variety of attractive finishes.

Banding tomatoes

More examples of Branding by Banding Fruit and Vegetables

Showtab – Just that bit more...Branding and bundling Paprika's with SHOWTAB

The SHOWTAB is an extension to the band offering even more space to communicate additional information or highlight your brand or promotion. Especially ideal for those fruit and vegetable products where other labels offer too little space. And with the SHOWTAB printed codes are always within easy reach for a fast scanning process.

Benefit upon benefit with the SHOWTAB:

  • Communications stand out even more using the SHOWTAB
  • Bundling, banding and labelling with one type of material makes recycling simpler
  • Environmentally friendly biodegradable, recyclable and compostable materials are available – no adhesives are required
  • Banding materials in a large variety of papers and (bio) films
  • Metal detection proof

Branding and bundling leek

Bio materials

In addition to the films and papers mentioned, we have a selection of eco-friendly banding materials which are biodegradable, recyclable and/or compostable. And the use of Bandall's Ultra Clean Seal (UCS) technology means the use of adhesives is unnecessary. Papers are FSC certified and with the use of food grade inks banding materials are food safe.

Banding with bio banding materials

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Reducing packaging

Banding can replace plastic bags, self-adhesive labels, elastic bands and other complex fruit and vegetable packaging. Only one type of material is used, making it much more simple to recycle for the consumer. And thanks to ultra-thin banding materials huge savings can be achieved on packaging.

reduce packaging with banding

Banding vacuum packed products

The surface of vacuum packed products is very often irregular. Bandall’s unique banding equipment wraps vacuum packaged products with a neat and snug band. Also, banding provides more space for marketing texts and images..

Banding vacuum packed vegetablespackaging vacuum packed vegetables

Bundles, from bananas to spring onions, parsley and celery

Vegetables such as spring onions, leeks, parsley or celery are often sold unpackaged. Their inconsistent shapes often make them difficult to label and brand.

Bundle and brand spring onion

However, using the Bandall veg-bander, they are easy to bundle neatly while labelling them and providing branding information. Banding provides more than sufficientBundling and branding bananas and other fruit space for origin data, recipes, bar codes, best before dates, etc. Thanks to the very thin banding material, huge savings can be achieved on packaging material.

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Printing during the banding process

Print variable information during the banding process and prevent unnecessary waste resulting from outdated packaging. Bandall’s unique Print & Band module with integrated printer enables you to print unlimited variable information in any number of positions on the band, and over the entire length AND width of the band.

Double buffer system for continuous banding and printing proces Print on band

Download Print and Band flyer

Stand-alone-Banding equipmentStandard Bandall banding machine

The range of stand-alone Bandall equipment consists of a standard line with a wide choice in arch dimensions. Equipment can process a choice of standard band widths, 28, 40, 48, 60, 75, 100, 125 and 150 mm. Bandall stand-alone machines lend themselves extremely well to manual feed as well as to installation in fully automated production lines.

Fully automated and bespoke

Increase production capacity, stack, bundle and or label? Synchronising with your existing equipment all of these are possible and more besides. And with additional print technology variable data can be printed during the banding process. All Bandall bespoke equipment is designed and manufactured entirely in-house and always includes Bandall's unique banding technology. Close consultations with our customers and our project engineering department result in the best possible solutions for your product packaging.

Fully automatic 4 head banding machine

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Who is bandall?
Bandall banding machines

Bandall has been developing, producing and distributing banding machines since 1990. Our banding solutions are always aimed at reducing packaging waste and increasing productivity. Used throughout the world and across the entire industry.

Some more important benefits to Bandall equipment:

  • very high production capacities available
  • maintenance costs are minimal, equipment is energy efficient
  • pure Dutch technology and manufacture
  • clean, odour-free and smoke-free, thanks to the unique “Ultra Clean Seal” system (UCS)

 environmentally friendly





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Banding paprika with Showtab

Bandall’s SHOWTAB is designed to give you just that bit more...

Where you’d like to add more information, highlight branding, promotions or coding, Bandall’s SHOWTAB is the answer.

Bundling vegetables

New Bandall veg bander for bundling and labelling loose bunches of vegetables

Vegetables such as spring onions, leeks, parsley and celery are often sold unpackaged. The irregular shapes make it difficult to label and “brand” these types of vegetables.