Bundling, labelling and reducing packaging volumes in the wood industry

Throughout industry wood is used as a building material both in semi-finished and finished forms. Sometimes packaged or partly packaged and sometimes simply with a label, depending on the level of protection required. Wooden plinths, skirting boards, planks and edging are often wrapped with superfluous amounts of packaging. Some are even fully covered in shrink wrap plastic or similar with multiple labels, this is often also the case for countless semi-finished wooden products, for example, for the furniture industry.

Hout bundelen, labelen en besparen op verpakkingsmateriaal

Reducing packaging material within the wood industry can be achieved with Bandall’s multi-functional packaging. Bandall banding can be used a variety of ways, eradicating the need for combinations of different packaging types.

Bundling and banding wood and wood products

Bandall’s unique band feed system makes banding bundles of wooden slats and luxuriously finished wood products an efficient and easily implemented option. A perfect snugly fitting band around bundles or individual wooden products is easily achieved with Bandall’s finely adjustable tension and the Unique Clean Seal system. Eradicating the need for other packaging such as bags, shrink wrap plastic and boxing means instant significant savings in packaging materials can be achieved.

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Bundling with printed banding eliminates the need for self-adhesive labels

Printed banding is an ideal medium for branding and product communication while securing neat bundles at the same time. Accurate positioning of the band ensures that information is consistently in the correct spot. Bundling and labelling in one. Additional labelling is no longer required, therefore products are free from any residual glue.

Bandall’s SHOWTAB, just that bit more…

Bandall's SHOWTAB is an extensioinformatie, communicatie en barcodes op houten producten met banderol n to the band, creating extra space for branding, product information and/or scan codes. Ideal for semi-finished wood products and the like where there is insufficient space for sufficient labelling. The SHOWTAB also renders alternative packaging and labelling methods unnecessary..

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Guaranteed damage-free and clean labelling

Bandall’s banding technology secures a band firmly and neatly aBranding by Banding luxe hout producten round the bundle. This cannot be compared to strapping. The top and bottom products on each banded bundle remain perfectly unblemished. Banding is sealed to itself without the use of adhesives and so always remains firmly secured around the product. Self-adhesive labels can loosen where they don’t quite properly adhere to the finished wood and can leave residual glue marks or affect coatings and other finishes. Banding is also therefore ideal for luxury wood products.

Banding large and small wood products

Bandall banderolleermachine voor producten van groot formaat Banding machines are available in a selection of standard arch sizes. The exclusive Bandall vacuum band feed system enables very large products to be processed while maintaining the highest quality finish and performance levels.

Bandall banding technology is suitable for application throughout the wood processing and packaging industry. From banding and bundling wood products for the DIY market to domestic items such as wooden cutlery, chopping boards, and broomsticks.

Who is Bandall?

Bandall has been developing, producing and distributing banding machines since 1990. The solutions we recommend are focussed on reducing packaging waste and increasing productivity. Bandall banding technology is used throughout industry, worldwide.

A number of important points about Bandall equipment

• A very high production capacity is achievable
• Low maintenance costs and energy efficient, the lowest cost of ownership
• Pure Dutch technology and manufacture
• Clean, odour-free and smoke-free, thanks to the unique “Ultra Clean Seal” (UCS) system

Corporate social responsibility

In addition to a focus on sustainable banding solutions, Bandall also considers environmental needs within the company itself. The Bandall Head Office in De Meern and the factory in Heemskerk use LED lighting throughout. Compared to ordinary fluorescent tubes, LED lighting produces an energy saving of 60%. Additionally, 265 solar panels have been installed on the roof of the office building in De Meern. Altogether these panels generate sufficient energy to power all Bandall buildings, including charging our electric and plug-in hybrid company cars.

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Could this be of interest to you as well?

One printed banding for different product variations

One printed banding for different product variations

On a (pre-)printed band you will be able to print all kinds of variable information while banding.

duurzaam verpakken

duurzaam verpakken

Sustainable packaging with as little packaging material, plastics and energy consumption as possible is essential for our environment