Banding in Health & Beauty

Bandall banding is particularly suitable for damage-free and hygienic bundling and sealing of medicines. Bundle ten boxes of paracetamol or blister packs of tablets with a paper or film strip in a flash. 

Bundling small boxes with barcode

The Health & Beauty industry increasingly banding with Bandall

Businesses in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries are making grateful use of banding in many ways. Bundling ten boxes of paracetamol or blister packs is a good example. Once at the pharmacy bands are easy to remove. Also bundles of products with a printed band are more and more popular. And with a printed band bundles are immediately ready for sale and products enjoy unique and added value, immediately increasing product awareness.

Beautiful Branding by Banding

With a freshly printed Bandall band around your boxes or packs of cosmetics you can add significant value. Bandall banding provides space for your own individual corporate style, but also for promotional or product information. Bandall banding equipment has an excellent reputation within the health & beauty sector, due to its swift, hygienic and safe operation. What is more, you can also make significant savings on packaging material thanks to the wafer-thin but very strong bands. And that's also good for the environment. Banding technology is also suitable for clean rooms.