Post press print finishing

Bundled magazines

Perfect and damage-free bundling of graphics products

Graphics departments and binders quickly embraced the advantages of using Bandall banding equipment. Many “post press print finish” departments bundle their products with ease, such as brochures, magazines, business cards, folders, flyers, labels, etc., all with Bandall equipment. A mobile Bandall banding machine can easily be located next to a folding or cutting machine. Bandall technology is seamlessly installed in fully automatic finishing lines and in OEM configurations.

Post press (print) finishing with Bandall

  • Guaranteed damage-free bundling
  • Reduced packaging costs with the finest banding materials (only Bandall can work with 35 micron)
  • Fast and effective
  • Environmentally friendly wafer thin, recyclable banding materials (green packaging)
  • The band is easily removed by the end user.
  • High speed and efficient
  • Utmost reliable technique with very few mechanical parts
  • Excellent references