Bundle plano carton products, including high-end luxury card

Bundling carton

Bundle plano carton products, including high-end luxury card

Choosing Bandall’s carton banding series of equipment assures damage-free and accurate bundling of printed or plain, plano carton and luxury card packaging. Bandall’s unique vacuum transport system instantly bundles all luxury packaging and carton as firmly as you wish and with no risk of damage.

Printed carton, luxurious perfume and cosmetics packaging and chic card? Bandall carton banding series consistently and accurately bundles fast, economically and environmentally friendlily. And equipment is available in a wide variety of banding arch sizes. The vacuum transport technique is unique to Bandall equipment, enabling very large banding arch dimensions while maintaining consistently high quality and performance. Printing on banding material offers an additional branding and communication opportunity.

Six reasons to bundle using Bandall

  • 100 percent guaranteed damage-free bundling, ideal for printed plano carton packaging.
  • Only Bandall offers the widest range of banding arch dimensions, maintaining quality and performance
  • Economical and environmentally friendly thanks to uniquely thin banding materials (from 35 micron)
  • Highest up-time, and utmost reliability
  • Fast bundling with swift infeed and outfeed
  • Lowest cost of ownership supported by sustainable Dutch technology