Banding machines bundle security documents and banknotes

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Bundling money

Banding machines bundle security documents and banknotes

Damage-free bundling is paramount where the majority of security documents such as banknotes, tax labels, stamps, vouchers etc are produced using special print and finishing techniques. Bandall bundle and banding equipment has been used in specialized printing companies since 1990 where combining counting, stacking and bundling is required. All Bandall equipment contains the advanced material transport technique, ensuring consistently damage-free and accurate bundles.

Bandall guarantees

  • Flawless bundles, with a carton base and/or top if preferred
  • Significant savings with wafer thin banding materials
  • A very flexible and fast bundling process
  • Optional precision counting of banknotes
  • Limitless possibilities in fully automatic and OEM configurations
  • Extremely high up-time
  • Excellent references, available upon request!