Packaging materials reduced by 75% or more by banding rolled-up carpets and mats

Carpets, clothes, play mats, entrance mats, etc. are all rolled up. These rolls are almost always fully wrapped in plastic before they are sent to retailers, wholesalers or end users. Often completely unnecessarily. For instance, a thin band can be used to keep them tightly rolled up. Longer mats will require two or three bands but, naturally, this still represents a huge reduction in packaging materials. Of course, the same also applies to other such products, like rolls of roofing felt, grass or fencing.

Bandall Multi Width

One of the solutions offered by Bandall is a machine featuring a modified banding arch. This arch has a recess in the corner, which means rolls fit nicely into the arch and will always be banded neatly and tightly. Obviously, this also applies to rolls of EPS foam and other rolled-up products.


Branding by Banding with printed band

An immediate ‘branding’ effect can be created by also printing the used bands. This means simple rolls, which feature a band made of film or paper, can be transformed into personalised rolls; with your brand logo, corporate identity and product information on the band. Thus two birds with one stone.

Flexibility can be improved when variable information is printed at the same time. Because, in fact, you only need one band to communicate differences in products. For instance, varying product information, different languages, barcodes, etc. Thanks to flexible printing techniques, varying product details can be printed across the whole length and width of the band during the banding process.


Advantages of Bandall

  • Save packaging materials (75 percent or more)
  • Major benefits for the environment
  • Reduction in storage space and energy consumption
  • Work faster and more efficiently
  • Excellent references (worldwide)
  • Automatic and modular options possible.

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