Company Profile Film

Watch our new Company Profile Film.

Bandall is constantly developing, worldwide! We aim to create a balance between technological innovations, people, the environment and benefits in the field of plastic- and waste reductions.

To reinforce this, in 2021 we opened our 100% carbon-neutral operating factory in Heemskerk, The Netherlands. Our business cars are all fully electric and our new innovative banding solutions lead the way to sustainable packaging solutions.

As visuals tell a much stronger story than words, we present our new Company Profile Film. In under 2 minutes we show who we are, what we stand for and what we aim to achieve.

On behalf of the entire Bandall family; enjoy the film!

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The ECO.BANDING® complies with European guidelines

Every year government rules change to match new sustainability goals. Bandall stands on the front line to help companies match these rules as well as help reach their own sustainability...

Banderolleermachine stand alone

Banding machines stand alone

Stand-alone Bandall equipment lends itself extremely well to manual feed, and to installation in fully automated production lines.