Crosswise bundling and at the same time communicating tracking info on the right location each time?

Bandall bundling machines can be adjusted in such a way that boxes, dishes or trays can be easily bundled crosswise (or with a single band) while at the same time tracking info, for example, is always placed on the right location in relation to the product. This is ideal in the order picking process.

crossed bundling with barcode

The Bandall machine with printer is adjusted in such a way that the first banding does not get a print, while the second (crosswise) banding does. Always on the right place. This bundling application is excellent for the pharmaceutical industry, for instance, where they use a lot of small boxes. But the packaging concept is just as attractive and efficient when dealing with bundles of trays containing processed meat, fish or cheese. The coded bundles considerable simplify and speed up the order picking process. Single banding is also possible of course. In that case, the same benefits apply.

The position of the print on the banding can be easily adjusted when the height of the bundles changes due to, for example, a product change or a change to less or more products. In virtually all cases, banding stacks of products is more efficient and more environmentally friendly than with similar packaging methods. The banding is wafer-thin and can easily be removed.


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