One printed band for different product variations? It can be done!

Food producers often introduce different variations within the same product group. Sometimes due to differences in taste and sometimes due to a different mix of ingredients. This means that the range of products widens, while the numbers per variation decrease.

Print and banding at the same time

Does this also mean that you need to make a separate label for each product variation? No! On a (pre-)printed band you will be able to print all kinds of variable information while banding.





And it will be no surprise that this Print & Band concept will immediately lead to savings. After all, you will need only one roll of banding paper or film, instead of a separate roll for each variation. The banding machine with printer ensures that all variable texts, images, language changes and such like are always printed on the right location on the banding.

You only need to keep one design of banding material in stock, so you will also save on transport and storage. Moreover, you will be left with less unused rolls (or part rolls) when a product composition is changed, minimising packaging waste too. This is good for the environment and for your company's carbon foot print.

All varying information, whether corporate texts, bar codes or batch information, can be printed over the entire width AND length of the band. Ask about the possibilities for your project. The Bandall Print & Band concept is already being used in a wide range of industries, including the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, DIY markets, etc.

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