Bandall treats employees to a Healthy Eating Workshop

A healthy company is nothing without healthy employees. That is why Bandall recently organised a Healthy Eating workshop. Eva Snijders, a (health)food consultant who works for Praktijk Loof, came to De Meern to treat everyone to a very educational presentation and a fantastic cooking workshop.

Healthy food workshop

The subjects were:

  • Becoming more aware of how particular foods affect you.
  • Is it possible to eat delicious food that is healthy at the same time?
  • And what does eating a natural, varied diet actually entail?

Eva Snijders explained in great detail why we, the descendants of hunting, prehistoric man, are so keen on savouries, sweets and fat. And how we are still being tempted by food manufacturers who cleverly respond to this. After a long list of “wrong” examples, including how they affect the body, energy and performance levels, she gave a long list of good examples. And with those healthy products the entire team went to the kitchen to create a table full of healthy and, more importantly, delicious dishes together.

The result? A varied dinner menu with healthy summer rolls, Tzatziki, stuffed chicory leaves with shrimp and mackerel, gazpacho, beetroot hummus and, believe it or not, healthy sweets made from peanuts, desiccated coconut and sesame seeds. Yummmmyyyy!

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