Less packaging means less waste with Bandall

Increasing sustainability within the packaging industry is now in full focus. Reducing the amount of packaging and waste is a priority for all of us. There are a number of ways in which banding can play a part in this and here are just a few.

Printing information during packaging, bundling and crossed banding

Retail Ready Packaging

Bandall banding can in some cases replace an entire outer box or shrink film wrap. Bundling products together can be as simple as securing them with a paper or film band, with or without print. Often one band is sufficient, though multiple parallel bands and cross banding are also easily achieved with the same piece of equipment. Track-and-trace, bar codes or other aids are easily printed onto the band during the banding process.

Banding is ideal where reusable plastic crates are used for order picking and deliveries. And the band is easily removed without any need for tools, making the process a lot faster and simpler.

And please note that Bandall is the only banding equipment able to process the thinnest of banding materials starting from just 35 micron – the figures speak for themselves. Cost savings of up to 80% are not uncommon, and automatically a benefit to environmental conservation.

Banding with 100% biodegradable banding material

Whether for shelf ready packaging, Branding by Banding ®, and more, we also offer biodegradable banding materials. Along with using a fully compostable hotmelt this can create your ultimate environmentally friendly solution.

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