Bandall plays a major part in reducing packaging material in non-food

Minimising packaging material is now also becoming the norm in the non-food sector. Bundles and individual products can now easily be banded instead of requiring shrink film, bags, boxes or sleeves. This can result in huge immediate reductions in packaging material.

Reducing packaging materials airplane blankets wit banding

Examples such as bundling and labelling plastic trays, stacks of premium wood or plastic piping can easily be bundled together using semi-automatic or fully automatic banding technology. And in using a printed band there is no longer a requirement for separate labelling.

Bandall banding requires no adhesive whatsoever, which means that there can be no residue or mark left on the product. This makes banding an ideal solution for premium wooden products, textiles, luxury boxes and other vulnerable products.

Another benefit with banding versus other methods of labelling is the consistency in neat and firm banding around each product. Adhesive labels can sometimes loosen or slip, or be difficult to remove and leave a residue behind. This can be the case where laminates or oil-like protective coatings are present, for example.

Unique to Bandall is the extra wide banding with more opportunity for “branding”. A well designed printed band will make a more attractive presentation at point of sale.

We can show you reference projects throughout the industry, where both semi-automatic and fully automatic equipment has been implemented. Such as linen, blankets, boxes, wood, carpet rolls, plastic profiles and many more industrial and semi-industrial products.

Please make an appointment with us to discuss any products you would like to consider banding.

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