The 100% Pure Natural Packaging, without compromise: Johannes

AGF-Holland has developed a unique and 100% environmentally friendly line of packaging that is perfect for the retail market, and have called it “Johannes”. The line consists of appealing punnets and trays made of thin natural cardboard combined with a fully biodegradable wrapper. This packaging line is perfect for both soft and hard fruit.

Carton tray packaged pears

According to Johannes Janssen, inventor and developer of the Johannes brand, it fulfils the retailers’ and supermarket chains’ desires to offer a packaging solution without compromise. “The Johannes line has it all,” Janssen says excitedly. “It is all about sustainability, freshness and positivity.” The packaging also offers excellent protection which ensures fruit arrives in store unscathed.

“The time is ripe” is the slogan and AGF-Holland is now moving full steam ahead with the Johannes concept, conveying to clients and potential contacts from the retail sector all about its usefulness. “Approximately seventy percent of our clients have already shown interest in this concept,” Janssen continues. “In concrete terms, that means this packaging will soon be available in more than twenty-five stores. The Johannes brand not only emphasises the sustainability of the packaging but also the consistent quality of our products. The understated, natural appearance of the packaging superbly showcases the freshness of fruit and vegetables.”

The lightweight trays and containers made from natural cardboard have a clear identity of their own and all feature an easily recognisable wrapper with a matching Johannes design. Together with Speciaal drukkerij Max Aarts, AGF-Holland ultimately decided to use a printed Kraft paper wrapper. Not only for its eye-catching natural appearance but because it is fully biodegradable too. Bandall banding technology applies the perfect wrapper to firmly hold the fruit within its packaging, without risk of damage or sliding around. Bandall’s technology can compensate for small variations in the sizes of fruit and this ensures the wrapper is always firmly in position and holding the fruit in place. Additionally, smart printing technology is used to print variable information onto the wrapper during the packaging process. This eliminates the need for additional separate labels and offers a truly flexible complete solution. Punnets are available in various sizes; larger sizes are designed for more or heavier products, all retaining their sustainable character.

This very attractive fruit packaging is already receiving viral attention in various media and this has not gone unnoticed outside of the Netherlands. To top it all, the Johannes brand is supported by an amazing website that clearly illustrates its Purely Natural origins. For more information please visit

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Carton tray packaged pears

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