Introducing the new Bandall Stand Alone Model

We are delighted to introduce our new design Bandall Model Stand Alone banding machine. The new Bandall Stand Alone Model incorporates technological advances to improve durability, accessibility and convenience. And as a celebration of these advancements we have restyled the design to tie in with our corporate concept.

New Bandall model 2020

One of the first visible benefits is the new flat top covers, making it convenient to place the Bandall flush against your equipment, quickly and easily incorporating banding into your packaging line.

An electric seal cassette has been introduced to greatly simplify maintenance and accessibility. Also, a number of new Stainless Steel components replace brass and plastic, reinforcing the extreme reliability of the equipment. And with now virtually no consumable parts remaining we are pleased to say that Bandall continues to offer the lowest cost of ownership.

You can continue to rely on the Bandall to be a robust machine built for industrial operation. Both the Standard Model and the Branding by Banding Model will now include all of the abovementioned additional benefits of the new Bandall Stand Alone Model.

Additionally, it is now also possible to process multiple band widths on a single banding unit using our new Multi-Width option. Instantly lowering investment and multiplying the number of possible applications, leading to an even quicker ROI.

Introduction will be gradual, using our current stock of arches and covers with 90 degree corners. Of course we will supply the new Model where requested. Please contact us or one of our distributors with any questions or to arrange a visit.

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