The Bandall Multi-Width – just click-and-go

We are delighted to announce the introduction of this new optional function for use on our Bandall banding equipment. Increasing the flexibility already afforded by Bandall banding technology, you can now convert your machine to process multiple band widths in just a few moments. Simply click the Multi-Width option into place, replace the roll of banding material and you’re ready to go.

Bandall Multi Width

The Multi-Width option is a set of replacement and supplementary parts that are simply clicked into place and can be ordered along with the banding unit, or later. It is available in combination with our new Bandall Stand Alone model, and initially for the most popular arch sizes. And, if required, in combination with other options such as Print & Band. Print & Band adds yet another dimension in flexibility, improving sustainability in your packaging process even further.

A Multi-Width set is required for each new band width. A banding unit for 100 mm can be converted to process 75 mm and/or 50 mm wide banding on one machine. Or a unit for 75mm can convert to 60 mm, 50 mm and/or 30 mm.

Here at Bandall we continue to innovate and develop advances in the world of banding to equip you, our customers, to respond to market demands even better than before. We are focussed on what helps make your packaging process easier, better and more efficient. Increasing functionality with the Multi-Width option lowers investment even further by increasing the number of applications available to you with a single banding unit.

Bandall equipment is built for longevity and is therefore an environmentally friendly choice. Along with our own keen commitment to sustainability, we are very aware of its importance in the world of packaging. This has led us to develop the Multi-Width option. This option will become available for further Bandall models and arch sizes as development continues.

We will be more than happy to demonstrate the Multi-Width at your facility, or we would be pleased to welcome you to visit us. Please contact us with any questions or to arrange a visit.

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