Package sustainably using banding

Sustainable packaging is now an essential environmental consideration. This means using the least amount of packaging material, plastics and energy where at all possible. A number of sustainable improvements can be realised using Bandall's banding technology, with both the banding materials and banding equipment.

Reduce packaging material

Save on packaging materials

The banderol delivers a number of savings. The amount of packaging material required in relation to the size of product can be minimized, especially when compared to alternative packaging such as shrink film, bags, boxes and other complex packaging methods. Additionally, banding often renders the use of other additional packaging unnecessary. Such as metal clips, elastic bands and adhesive labels.

Besparen op verpakkingsmateriaal met banderol

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The finest banding materialsHet unieke Bandall vacuüm banddoorvoersysteem

There is only one banding machine that can process banding material as thin as 35 micron, which is the Bandall - all models include Bandall’s unique band transport technology. Using finer banding materials reduces packaging materials and in turn reduces packaging waste. Additionally, rolls of banding material are smaller, taking up less space and creating savings in transport and storage.

Sustainable banding materials

At Bandall we have Biologisch afbreekbaar verpakkingsmateriaal en banderolleermateriaal a number of sustainable options in banding materials. Such as FSC certified paper, ECO.BANDING® and bio-based banding film, 100% recyclable – all can be supplied with or without full colour printing. Banding means the need for adhesives and self-adhesive labels becomes unnecessary, thanks to the UCS (Ultra Clean Seal). An organic and compostable hot-melt seal is also available.

Each country has its own requirements and it is worth checking whether recyclable and compostable materiaTomatoes bio packaging with banderol ls are the most appropriate choice. It may dependent on government support in recycling infrastructures. It is interesting to note that banding frequently replaces an often less sustainable method of packaging. Banding is available in many different variants.

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Flexible printing during the banding process leads to reductions in waste

Printing flexibleMinder verpakkingsafval dankzij printen tijdens banderolleerproces information onto the band prevents unnecessary waste of packaging materials. For example, a small change in product details can mean stocks of printed primary packaging are no longer usable. Printing flexible information onto a pre-printed band during the banding process avoids losses from wasting outdated stock.

Bandall’s unique Print & Band model with integrated printer can print unlimited data in any number of positions along the band, over the entire length and width. For example by printing bar codes, dates, language changes and updates in nutritional values onto a smartly designed band.

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Interesting examples at Lufthansa and in retail

After extensive customer research Lufthansa has replaced in-flight blankets in plastic bags by blankets with a neat paper Bandall band. This is an important change in policy that is now being emulated by other airlines needing to reduce their use of plastic packaging. All industries, whether in furnishings, wood or fruit and vegetables, everyone is looking for ways to cut their use of plastics and packaging materials in general.

Verpakkingsafval reduceren dekens banderolleren Bespaar op verpakkingsmateriaal met de banderol

Energy and cost saving banding equipment

In addition to savings in packaging materials, Bandall’s banding equipment is a sustainable option when compared to machinery for other types of packaging. Lange levensduur Bandall banderolleermachine

Minimal consumable parts and a long life

Bandall is the only banding equipment worldwide that operates pneumatically rather than mechanically. Its unique band transport system ensures consistency and accuracy in performance, reliability and continuity as well as fewer consumable parts than any alternative banding machines. Bandall has the lowest cost of ownership.

Energy saving packaging

Bandall equipment requires compressed air and electricity. When compared to shrink film - the Bandall uses less electricity than needed for shrink film machinery.

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Bandall and Corporate Social Responsibility

Setting and achieving sustainability goals is in Bandall’s DNA. In addition to focussing on sustainable banding solutions Bandall contributes to the environment within the company itself. The Bandall factory in Heemskerk is fully carbon neutral. Bandall’s headquarters in De Meern and factory in Heemskerk are equipped with LED lighting only. LED lighting saves 60% of electricity compared to normal fluorescent lighting. 265 solar panels have also been installed on the roof of the offices in De Meern, producing sufficient energy to supply all branches with power, including the electricity required to charge all of our electric and plug-in hybrid cars. We are striving towards running a completely energy neutral operation.

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