Paper band replaces plastics in Laundry and Textile Industry

Keeping your laundry, textiles, blankets and linen neatly rolled or folded, looking smart and at the same time improving sustainability, then simply applying a thin band of paper or film is a most attractive option. For example, one customer has replaced plastic bags with a paper band and has reduced plastic waste by as much as 92.4% while enjoying significant savings in costs, packaging materials and energy. Several renowned industrial laundries and airlines are paving the way in changing to banding.

Banding folded airplane blankets

Banning plastics and changing to paper banding is proving popular amongst airlines

There is a worldwide shift in which airlines are banning plastics and choosing alternatives. For some, in-flight blankets and cushions are no longer packaged in plastic bags. Bags have been replaced by a neat FSC certified paper band, not only saving on costs, but also strengthening their environmentally friendly image. The paper band presents well and is a perfect ground for inviting texts, branding and logos. The paper band is very easy to remove for passengers.

Reasons why airlines are banding in-flight blankets:

  • Reduce plastic waste by 92.4%
  • Strengthen environmentally friendly image
  • A smart appearance
  • Additional (flexible) branding and communication
  • Remove risk of slipping on empty plastic bags

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Comprehensive information about paper banding in the Laundry and Textile Industries can be downloaded using the button below.

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Banding laundry

bundling folded towels Industrial laundries for textiles, towels and blankets are enjoying the benefits of banding, as can be seen in the video in the link below. Also in this video stacks of laundry are simply and quickly being bundled and banded without any damage or disturbance. And all the way to the end user the band remains neatly in place.

Printing variables

Bundling folded airline blanket textile Stocking just one printed or unprinted band is all you need as variable information such as interchangeable messages, QR codes or special offers can be printed during the banding process. And why not completely personalise items by using the flexible print option. Perhaps a special welcome message for a specific group or individuals.

Advantages of banding textiles:

  • Only Bandall can process the thinnest banding materials (from just 35 micron)
  • Fast and efficient
  • Built-in sensors ensure the band is always automatically positioned precisely where required
  • Easily band a variety of sizes and shapes
  • Combine banding and print technology for bar codes, personalisation and variable data
  • Low energy and sustainable equipment
  • Suitable for large industrial plants as well as for production facilities with limited space
  • Banding and bundling without any damage to the product
  • Recyclable banding materials are available

Banding equipment for the Textile Industry

Bandall banding equipment bundles textiles simply and easily with 1 or multiple bands. There are many banding solutions available to fulfil requirements throughout the entire industry. For example, the Bandall TRBS model is particularly suitable for fully automatic bundling textiles. Depending upon your requirements options such as pushers and printers can be included. Fully automatic multiple banding unit installations are available as well as single stand alone semi-automatic models for manual processing. Enquire with us, we are keen to offer you our advice.

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Who is Bandall?

Bandall banding and bundling solutions Bandall has been developing, producing and distributing banding equipment since 1990. Environmental considerations are always in focus when discussing banding solutions, reducting packaging materials and increasing productivity are primary considerations. Bandall equipment is in use worldwide and throughout industry

More important things to know about the Bandall machines

  • Very high production capacity is achievable
  • Machines have a very low maintenance cost and use little electricity – Bandall can boast to have the lowest cost of ownership.
  • Pure Dutch technology
  • Clean, 100% odour and smoke free thanks to its “Ultra Clean Seal” system (UCS).

Bandall and Corporate Social Responsibility

Setting and achieving sustainability goBandall head office de Meern als is in Bandall’s DNA. In addition to focussing on sustainable banding solutions Bandall contributes to the environment within the company itself.

Bandall’s headquarters in De Meern and factory in Heemskerk are equipped with LED lighting only. LED lighting saves 60% of electricity compared to normal fluorescent lighting. 265 solar panels have also been installed on the roof of the offices in De Meern, producing sufficient energy to supply all branches with power, including the electricity required to charge all of our electric and plug-in hybrid cars. We are striving towards running a completely energy neutral operation.

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