Success in the fruit and vegetable industry with banding

Mora verpakking en Bandall TXL banderoleermachine

Banding is perfect for packaging fruit and vegetable products. This method involves using a lot less packaging material than other methods. Moreover, Bandall also supplies banding made of recyclable materials, such as paper. This material is ideal for natural products and will ensure a positive image when it comes to sustainability.

Banding for sustainability

The band only needs to cover a small part of the product, often no more than 20%. But 5% can be sufficient for some products. Banding thus allows you to use a lot less packaging material, while also helping you to reduce waste.

You no longer have to use plastic for your packaging: Bandall offers banding made of recyclable materials, such as paper. Recyclable packaging materials, and a reduction in the used material, can help to minimise your carbon footprint.

Banding for marketing success

Banding is based on the needs of consumers, which means it significantly increases the probability of marketing success:

  • Presents your product effectively, while minimising packaging material and maximising the visibility of your product.
  • Substantial reduction in the amount of packaging material and waste, and a great opportunity to avoid using plastic.
  • Bandall is the only company that is able to use the entire length and width of the banding for positioned printing.
  • Because they are in open contact with the outside air, your fruit and vegetable products will remain fresh for a longer period of time. This will make your products more appealing.
  • Bandall's SHOWTAB is an extra attachment that allows you to print additional information. Ideal for promotional campaigns, additional brand experience and easy scanning of QR codes or bar codes.

Banding for quality

You can band fruit and vegetable products directly or band them after packaging them in cardboard boxes or trays. In both cases, the products are in open contact with the outside air, which means they will stay in good condition for a longer period of time. Fruit and vegetable products lose moisture as they age. This moisture cannot escape if closed packaging is used, which means the enclosed products become blemished.


Would you like to know more about our banding solutions? Download the PDF and immediately learn about smart and sustainable packaging.

Experiences with Bandall's banding machines

"The complete machine was supplied and fully installed"

Alexander Van Orshaegen - Group A. De Witte

Group A. De Witte is an international wholesale organisation in vegetables, fruits and exotics. With a turnover of 300 million Euro and 600 employees, it is the largest fruit and vegetable group in Belgium. Starpack is the group’s packaging company.

Starpack wants to implement sustainable packaging activities. This ambition is based on its personal conviction as well as increasing demand amongst consumers. Research showed that banding with the equipment and material of Bandall would offer the best solution.

Starpack has eliminated plastics and only uses recyclable packaging materials for the fruit and vegetable products that it bands. These materials — paper and cardboard — are part of the same group and can therefore be processed together in the waste stage. This is user-friendly for the consumers because they no longer have to sort the waste.

Marketing and communication manager Alexander Van Orshaegen: "The complete machine was supplied and fully installed". Cooperation also flowed smoothly after delivery: “The machines of Bandall help to maintain the quality of our products. Bandall reacts quickly to our questions and responds flexibly to our requests.”

"It is all about sustainability and the experience of fresh products"

Johannes Janssen - Fruit and vegetable wholesaler Johannes

Banding offers many advantages for marketing fruit and vegetable products. Fruit and vegetable wholesaler Johannes takes full advantage of these possibilities, and with great success too. For instance, Johannes was awarded the bronze medal at the Penta Packaging Awards 2020.

Everything that Johannes does is based on ecology: natural products, sustainable packaging, respect for nature. This conviction can go hand-in-hand with commercial success if all marketing possibilities are exploited. Packaging plays an integral role in the marketing of Johannes. Thanks to Bandall, Johannes is able to make the most of the available opportunities.

The advantages of banding

  • Product presentation
    Perfect combination between minimum packaging material and maximum product visibility.
  • Sustainability
    Banding can be used to reduce your use of packaging materials to between 5% and 20% of the product's surface.
  • Marketing success
    The only company on the market that can use the entire length and width of the band for positioned printing.
  • Quality
    Increase product quality by improving the condition in which your fruit and vegetable products are stored.
  • User-friendliness
    If the band is made of the same material as your box or tray, consumers are able to recycle them together.
  • Cooperation
    Use the support offered by Bandall to optimise your packaging process.
  • Packaging process
    Banding method that suits your needs. From blank to continuously printed banding.
  • Thinnest banding material
    Only Bandall is able to process the thinnest banding material as of 35 micron.
  • Transport efficiency
    Fuller crates and pallets because your packaging process has been optimised.

Would you like to know more about our banding solutions? Download the PDF and immediately learn about smart and sustainable packaging.