Bandall TXL Series

The Bandall TXL series differs from other Bandall Series by having conveyor belts both above and below the product to be banded, gripping the product gently but firmly.

Bandall TXL: Lightning quick and accurate

The special conveyor belt system makes the Bandall TXL extremely suitable for the fast and accurate transportation and banding of, for example, punnets, boxes and trays. Often used for biscuits, frozen products, salades and ready meals. Or perhaps for tamper evident packaging of say electronics, automative parts, etc.


  • Designed especially for swift banding of products with flat top and bottom surfaces
  • Rapid transport and banding process in one straight line
  • Several bands per product optional
  • Simple and fast conversion to another product
  • Can be fitted with a choice of printers which can print in multiple positions on the band (unique!)
  • Smooth transition from existing transport system or from an optional infeed conveyor

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