Bandall TRL Series

TRC banding machine suitable for graphic industry

Bandall TRL: Banding and bundling in a linear position

With Bandall TRL bundling and banding machines, the banding head transports products in a straight delivery and removal line. Pushers and stoppers ensure that the products you wish to band are placed in the banding head correctly. The suitability of the TRL depends entirely on your product’s specifications and any additional wishes. Please seek our advice.


  • Modular structure, can be expanded with additional pushers, stoppers and side rollers
  • Can be integrated with various kinds of delivery and removal systems
  • Can be combined with adding, folding and cutting machines used in the graphics industry
  • Extremely fast and accurate
  • Minimal set-up time per product, thanks in part to the system memory
  • Easy to expand with various kinds of printers which can print barcodes, lot numbers, product information, etc. during the banding process

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