Bundling power

Since 1990, Dutch company Bandall has been developing, manufacturing and distributing bundling and banding solutions. Its success is due to the combination of patented band labeling and banderoling technology, customer and solution-focused thinking, intensive partnerships and optimum service.

Package sustainably using banding

Our qualities

Processing banding material from 35 micron

Thanks to its patented band transport system, only Bandall is able to process banding material from 35 micron.

Very large arch sizes possible

Bandall is able to handle very large arch sizes for large cardboard packagings or EPS blocks, without any loss of quality or efficiency.

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Sustainable entrepreneurship

Bandall banding solutions make a significant contribution to sustainable entrepreneurship, less packing material, less residual waste and the lowest operational costs.

Bandall goes Sustainable

Branding by Banding™

Borne out of years of cooperation between Bandall and specialist printer Max. Aarts, Branding by Banding is a growing alternative for traditional labelling and
sleeving. With many benefits.


Latest Bandall news

    • 23
    • jan

    Less is more: A firm hold with just 2 superfine Bandall bands on aerosols

    Multipacks and promotional packs of spray cans and bottles are very often wrapped in complex packaging, including plastics, carton, glues, labels. These types of complex packaging are more difficult to recycle due to this use of multiple materials. And they are also often not easy to open.
    • 23
    • jan

    Bandall’s SHOWTAB is designed to give you just that bit more...

    Where you’d like to add more information, highlight branding, promotions or coding, Bandall’s SHOWTAB is the answer. With SHOWTAB printed codes are right at hand for quick scanning.
    • 08
    • okt

    Bandall plays a major part in reducing packaging material in non-food

    Minimising packaging material is now also becoming the norm in the non-food sector. Bundles and individual products can now easily be banded instead of requiring shrink film, bags, boxes or sleeves. This can result in huge immediate reductions in packaging material.
    • 21
    • jun

    Less packaging means less waste with Bandall

    Increasing sustainability within the packaging industry is now in full focus. Reducing the amount of packaging and waste is a priority for all of us. There are a number of ways in which banding can play a part in this and here are just a few.
    • 13
    • sep

    One printed banding for different product variations? It can be done!

    Food producers often introduce different variations within the same product group. Sometimes due to differences in taste and sometimes due to a different mix of ingredients. This means that the range of products widens, while the numbers per variation decrease.
    • 13
    • sep

    New Bandall veg bander for bundling and labelling loose bunches of vegetables

    Vegetables such as spring onions, leeks, parsley and celery are often sold unpackaged. The irregular shapes make it difficult to label and “brand” these types of vegetables.
    • 13
    • sep

    Crosswise bundling and at the same time communicating tracking info on the right location each time?

    Bandall bundling machines can be adjusted in such a way that boxes, dishes or trays can be easily bundled crosswise (or with a single band) while at the same time tracking info, for example, is always placed on the right location in relation to the product. This is ideal in the order picking process.
    • 13
    • sep

    Bandall treats employees to a Healthy Eating Workshop

    A healthy company is nothing without healthy employees. That is why Bandall recently organised a Healthy Eating workshop. Eva Snijders, a (health)food consultant who works for Praktijk Loof, came to De Meern to treat everyone to a very educational presentation and a fantastic cooking workshop.
    • 14
    • apr

    Bandall & Sustainable business practices

    On many fronts, banding solutions by Bandall contribute to a reduction of packaging materials and stimulate environmental savings.

Let's talk Banding!

First of all please talk to us. Because most innovations are customer-specific and arise from a thorough discussion about the possibilities with banding. We then show you where we believe improvements in efficiencies can be achieved!

Why Bandall?

  • We chose for Bandall after an extensive selection and testing with various suppliers, because of the high quality and multiple advantages of their technology compared to others. In total we are working with 28 machines, banding more than 60 million promotional packs of sausages per year. The performance is excellent and the downtime is so low that we don't monitor.

    Victorino Carabantes González, Incarlopsa Spain

  • I must say that I am proud to supply Bandall here in Sweden. I am really impressed with the solutions for this machine. And our customers have the same opinion.

    Björn Uddman, ASM Sweden.
    Bandall Distributor

  • My marketing material came in and I am just so impressed with everything you have been able to provide for us here in Canada. I have never had the pleasure of working with a company that gives such support and service and I just wanted to say a big thank you for making my job easier here and giving Banding Systems all of the marketing tools we need!

    Dariusz Chmielinsk,
    Banding Systems Canada

  • I would like to say thank you so much for the very professional support performed by Mr. Tim Scheer at our customer Fresenius in Brazil. From the General Manager of Fresenius to the operators everyone highly praised to his work !

    Congratulations to Bandall Team and Mr. Tim ! You made the diference !!

    Luis Fernando Camargo

  • Compliments on the Engineer’s maintenance and good instruction, and on the clear handbook that came with it, really great!

    Jan Kluft, Alphenaar, Wormer, The Netherlands

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