Bundling power

Our qualities

Processing banding material from 35 micron

Thanks to its patented band transport system, only Bandall is able to process banding material from 35 micron.

Very large arch sizes possible

Bandall is able to handle very large arch sizes for large cardboard packagings or EPS blocks, without any loss of quality or efficiency.

Sustainable entrepreneurship

Bandall banding solutions make a significant contribution to sustainable entrepreneurship, less packing material, less residual waste and the lowest operational costs. 

Branding by Banding™

Borne out of years of cooperation between Bandall and specialist printer Max. Aarts, Branding by Banding is a growing alternative for traditional labelling and
sleeving. With many benefits.

Recent videos

Bandall Four head stacking and banding machine.

Bandall modular banding machine, banding, bundling and branding bananas

Banding and branding skinpacked vegaburgers

Lets talk Banding!

First of all talk to us. Because most innovations are customer-specific and arise from a thorough discussion about the possibilities of banding. We then make it quite clear to you where efficiencies can be made!

Our main features


Bandall band-label systems are available in more than 100 countries with over50 distributors

Total banding concepts

From stand-alone banding solutions to fully automated custom designs. Band labeling and "bandalling" machines can be a excellent alternative for sleeve packaging systems. 

In all markets and at home

The benefits of banding and banding technology are spreading across all of the industry. 

Proven technologies

Successful Bandall banding technology for more than 25 years. Excellent references (do ask for them). 

Why Bandall?

  • I must say that I am proud to supply Bandall here in Sweden. I am really impressed with the solutions for this machine. And our customers have the same opinion. 

    Björn Uddman, ASM Sweden.
    Bandall Distributor

  • My marketing material came in and I am just so impressed with everything you have been able to provide for us here in Canada.  I have never had the pleasure of working with a company that gives such support and service and I just wanted to say a big thank you for making my job easier here and giving Banding Systems all of the marketing tools we need!

    Dariusz Chmielinsk,
    Banding Systems Canada

  • I would like to say thank you so much for the very professional support performed by Mr. Tim Scheer at our customer Fresenius in Brazil. From the General Manager of Fresenius to the operators everyone highly praised to his work !

    Congratulations to Bandall Team and Mr. Tim ! You made the diference !!

    Luis Fernando Camargo

  • Compliments on the Engineer’s maintenance and good instruction, and on the clear handbook that came with it, really great!

    Jan Kluft, Alphenaar, Wormer, The Netherlands

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More than 5,000 customers in over 100 countries use Bandall machines. Let's meet and greet!