Many new banding solutions arise from consultations with us. Regularly leading to both new standard and bespoke solutions.

Retail ready packaging meat with barcode

Active in all industries

The benefits of Bandall banding and banding technology are spreading across all of industry. In the submenu 'markets' we focus on a number of specific sectors and industries, such as the food industry, the graphics industry and the pharmaceutical industry. But in addition to these markets, Bandall is active in every other conceivable market.

Industrial bundling

Bundling and banding with Bandall results in huge efficiency gains. Partly due to the wafer thin but super-strong banding material. As a result the Bandall concept is also enjoyed in the EPS sector and in-mould sector, amongst others. But consider also the bundling of aluminium sections, electronic components, tobacco or wood.

Many new banding solutions arise from consultations with us. Regularly leading to both new standard and bespoke solutions. With consistently positive results. Focus is often on increasing efficiency, reduction in packaging materials and/or branding benefits. Bandall is happy to work together with you to allow Bandall's banding technology to contribute to the success and efficiency of your production process. We offer advice and guidance throughout the entire project.

Banding and marketing of sausages / meat products. Contoured banding

Banding in Food industry

As speed and hygiene play important roles in the food industry Bandall has developed banding machines which are specially designed for this sector.
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Bundling in the graphics industry

Perfect bundling and banding of any printed products, guaranteed without damage to your products – this is what you can achieve with Bandall banding.
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Promotional Packs by costefficient packaging

Banding in Health & Beauty

Bandall banding is particularly suitable for damage-free and hygienic bundling and sealing of medicines. Bundle ten boxes of paracetamol or blister packs of tablets with a paper or film strip in a flash.
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Banderol bundles EPS products with ease. How to bundle EPS?

Banding in Industry & Logistics

Whether it's rubber Wellington boots, tobacco products, electronic components or wooden products, Bandall's banding technology can be applied to it al. Not to mention textiles, EPS-products or hardware.
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Reduce packaging material by banding airplane blanket

Bundling Laundry and Textiles

Personalise neatly bundled stacks of laundry for hotels, wellness centres and health care institutions? Bandall's banding solutions offer all this and more!
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The band as an e-commerce package

Banding in E-Commerce

One important function is as a carrier of information. Being available in a wide range of band widths (from 28 mm to 125 mm), there is ample print area for branding and vital information.
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