About Bandall

The binding factor

Established in 1990, Dutch company Bandall develops, manufactures and distributes worldwide their bundling and banding solutions. After the first very advanced Bandall banding machine was introduced in 1997, Bandall machines are now banding products in more than 100 countries via 50 distributors.

What makes Bandall banding systems so successful?

Banding is the bundling or labelling of one or more items of packaging with a band made of film or paper. Thanks to Bandall's patented banding system this is done cost-effectively at high speed and without causing damage.

  • Very high production capacity is possible
  • User-friendly patented feed
  • Low maintenance costs and energy-efficient
  • Considerable reduction in packaging material used, thanks to wafer-thin bands from as little as 35 microns
  • Very short delivery times (often from stock)
  • Dutch technology
  • Clean, odour-free and smoke-free, thanks to the 'Ultra Clean Seal' system

Bandall would be happy to provide you with the best advice to arrive at the correct banding solution for you..

Bandall head office

Bundling with a band made of film or paperChoice of white or brown paper band or printed film band, or (semi) transparant film band

Banding together

Banding together not only stands for the banding and bundling of products but also for the way in which we cooperate with our customers and distributors.
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Bandall table model banderolling machines; OB360 COM JD24

30 years of Bandall banding

Since Bandall was granted an international patent for its unique vacuum feed system, we have experienced strong growth at home and abroad.
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R&D and Project Engineering

New innovations in bundle and banding techniques are continuously being developed in consultation with customers and our Marketing and Sales Departments.
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Bandingmachine and Banderolingmachine Equipment Support. Bandall Bundlingmachine services

Banding Service & Sales Support

Technical staff within our team are constantly and consistently striving to achieve the utmost possible client satisfaction. 
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Package sustainably using banding

Package sustainably using banding

Packaging sustainably is clearly now an essential environmental consideration.

Bandall & Sustainable business practices

Bandall & Sustainable business practices

n many fronts, banding solutions by Bandall contribute to a reduction of packaging materials and stimulate environmental savings.